Me and World Cup

ok ok,
because now most people are crazy about soccer, specially World Cup,
i wanna post something about it.
But i don't know much about soccer.

Well, actually, i don't like soccer.
i think it's boring (i'm so sorry soccer fans, i don't mean to hurt you guys. please don't attack me!*criuuuk-criiuukk..-It's not funny, i know*my bad habbit)
heheh, maybe because i'm not a patient person, so i always can't stand to watch it.
it's too long to make a goal. besides that, the players become like ants over the square. Arghhh!!
i prefer BADMINTON than soccer. Yeah I LOVE BADMINTON!
i also like volleyball and basketball ..

and what do i like about World Cup?
The Songs !! i think World Cup songs are always awesome!!

And now,  i can't avoid "BAL-BALAN".
because of some reasons:
  • a lot of my classmates are BONEK
  • my mother and my sister make noise every night because of World Cup
  • and every i open Yahoo! News, it's always full of World Cup news or if it's not about it, It talks about Love Triangle between Luna-Ariel-Tari, Oh My Allah! (Ok,  it's not Love Triangle actually. but twentythreeangel, hahahah!)
Yeah, so, i eventually decided to join them.

even though i never watch the match (just glance at), i've started following the news (just a little).
and now, i wanna try to watch the match, so i need to look for something refresh my eyes besides the green grass.
and i started searching the soccer players pictures. Almost people say they are cute.

well, you can evaluate it by yourself..

Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite (Brazil)
ajigile, it's a unique long name!
Yup, who didn't know Kaká?

Fernando Torres (Spain)

Michael Ballack (Germany)

Steven Gerrard (England)

Lionel Andrés Messi (Argentina)

Francesc "Cesc" Fàbregas Soler (Spain)

 I like him. a cute one with "Behel" !! Woowhoo!
Alexandre Pato (Brazil)


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