The RT 50 Dance Company

This afternoon, Dita, went to my house and showed me all these, "Remember this, Dyah?". And we laughed together. Unfortunately, Lala, didn't join us.

These are our photos when we were child. We would perform some dances to celebrate Indonesian Independence day at the night of 16th August. But i forgot the year. These photos had been taken before we performed our dances, in front of our coreographer's house, Mbak Leni, where we used to practice dancing. Well, In my neighborhood, we used to organize an event, Art Staging, at the night of Independence day. but now, not anymore. I don't know why. I am so sad because nobody won't continue our tradition.

Persons in this photo from left to right :
Mbak Puspa, Mbak Wiwid (My Sister), Santi (Top Line)
Mita, Rere, Nia, Ruri, Tika, Dewi (Middle Line)
Me, Dita, Ayu, Rizky, Mbak Anik, Lala, a Girl
(we forgot who she is, i'm so sorry. We tried to remember who you are, but we didn't get it)

Because Dita's scanner was on trouble and i don't have any scanner, to upload the photos, we took a primitive way : took the photos's pictures with my Digital Camera. You can see my shadow, can't you? My Sister was angry because we uploaded this pictures. She was too shy to look her face. "Your face is your Afliction" (Muke loe derita loe). But we weren't, we enjoyed it.

Tek-koTek-Kotek Dance

Tek-koTek-Kotek is a Chicks Dance. "Tek-kotek kotek anak ayam kotek-kotek..." i couldn't remember the lyrics well and the baby is. Mbak Leni, Why did you hide behind Mita?
Bubuy Bulan Dance (Sunda, Jawa Barat)

Here she is, You can look our coreographer's face well. She used to be slim. So did i. Look at my face. What a shame!

*click the image to see a bigger image


Bayu mengatakan…
Wekawekaweka, masa kecil yang menarik. mba'leni masih Kurus ..
Mein Name ist Dita mengatakan…
lucu euy :p
Made Dyah Ayu Safitri mengatakan…
jaman-jaman jek kuru iki rek!
Made Dyah Ayu Safitri mengatakan…
Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.
bayu mengatakan…
Iya, sekarang sudah jadi raksasa.. klo nge dance jdix..

ho-hawohawo anak Gajah Hawo Hawo

Made Dyah Ayu Safitri mengatakan…
wah, anda tekah menyinggung beberapa anak sekaligus..


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