Selasa, 14 September 2010

Secret (The Secret That Cannot Be Told)

the love story is simple but so sweet, funny,

The Trailer isn't really good,
but trust me, the movie is.

The Piano Battle

Piano Duet

I love saw them played the piano
(5 stars from me)

 the stories, the musics, perfecto!

actually i don't like Taiwanese movie before
but this movie is really good.
two Taiwanese Amazing Movies i've ever seen are
Silk and Secret

Senin, 13 September 2010

Award from Nindy

I've got an award from Nindy Adhilah. Thank you, sugar :)

and the rules are, i have to give this award to 7 people:
1. Galuh Anis Tasya
2. Nindy Adhilah
3. Rahmadita Filaili
4. Gita Nirmala
5. Atina Ilma
6. Paula Margaretha Samosir
7. Afrizal Ma'arif

and i have to answer:

what is best friend you think?
apa arti sahabat menurutmu?

Best friend is the one who always keep trying to make each other in a right way as well as he can with a lot of love and pray

Sahabat adalah seseorang yang selalu berusaha menjaga satu sama lain untuk berada pada tempat yang benar dengan cara yang terbaik yang bisa ia berikan dengan penuh cinta dan doa


Maybe the problem is we are the exact same person we both are too afraid A friend say, God is protecting me from a deep broken heart or...