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OMO! iseng-iseng berhadiah.
Berhubung sekarang aku lag demam Secret Garden* ( I LOve ya Kim Joo Won!!), aku iseng-iseng ketik keyword di google, korean young CEO. heheh. mungkin aja tuh ya, ada beneran orang yang kayak my beloved Kim Joo Won, masih muda, ganteng, berbakat, kaya, hhaha.. dan.. WAHHH!!! Beneran ada toh orang yang kayak gitu. Aku kira cuma di KDrama doang.. OMO!! gak cuma kaya, muda, dan berbakat di bisnis, tap ganteng pula!! Apa kisah cintanya juga kayak Kim Joo Won ya? hahah, kalo yang itu kayake emang cuma di KDrama aja.. yasudlah, langsung aja.. chekidot!!

*mau posting review-nya Secret Garden (SG), tapi belum sempet. Tunggu ya..
SG is the best KDrama i've ever seen.

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TOP 4 YOUNG GUYS CEO's in korea (earning a lot) 


Korean poll site Daum and Magazine Lifestyle Korea, been introduced to TOP 4 young guys CEO's in Korea,not only young,but super young guys having into a big success..

Magazine feature the 4 young guys CEO's as most young and a top earner,not just that with good looks too (are they like the real F4 guys?)

1st: Kim Young Nil (24)

Known as the Son of  one of the owner of the most distributed Car in Korea the Mitsubishi, Young Nil whose studying abroad seemingly back to Korea,as he hold the CEO name of their company,as an Business related student and graduated in prestigious school in France, he can do the work well, this prove that his doing well as he rise the revenue sales of the company and earning 33.5 million dollars just in Korea,only just in a month (well with the help of other staffs too)...(info: Young Nil,started his school days when he was 3 y/o at 1st grade level,that's why he graduated early in his age!)
Young Nil stated: "as i lived and studying in France, i lived in ordinary life,but yet still thinking for the Job I'm going to be when I'm back to Korea,what would it be, and how i can handle it,people say that I'm so young enough to handle things,but yet this made them wrong,yet i can do the things that what an CEO do!"

2nd: Kim Min Joon (22)

The boy himself, runs successfully supposedly has revenues of 1.5 Billion won .As hard as it is to believe, Goo JunPyo's look-alike is actually known to be an uljjang. The shopping mall that we talked about is worth 1.5 billion won (about 1.2 million dollars)as he started it. Cha-ching!!! Now that's a lot of money!!

He ran by himself the clothing line and a shopping mall through online and distributed around internationally to malls and other clothing line shops!(Min Joon whose in his 3rd year as a university student)

Some of the Business partnership he ran through are in international and in inside Korea,through this he earned a lot for only just year,he earned more like 22.7 Million Dollars profit only..Besides on his clothing line business he also starting his business and owning a new resort and a Bar...so,this guys can bring it all,living in so rich life!!

he stated: " since i was young, i wish to build a big company...from this now i ran a company by myself,but i think i can't make it on my own,so i entered the business world,i first debit money from my grandma,whose also owning a resort and have her advice,since i like fashion a lot i first open a small business which is the clothing line,and now it gone so far!!"

3rd: Park Tae Jun (25)

Park Tae Jun,whose known as an ulzzang,or called of his fellow ullzang himself as "Legendary Ulzzang", as he is one of the richest among Ullzang! Tae Jun whose running his own business a clothing line shop ABOKI and a runway agency for the promotion of his products and others...

Park Tae Jun earning more like 350,000 Dollars per month is a big WOW!!,this proves that he built his own two-storey house with high tech gadgets, and  two brand new cars!! this proves that his guy is earning a lot!!

Park Tae Jun,whose known by his fellow ulzzangs as a down to earth person,loving one,and often held a party and hired one Bar just for the events for all of the Ullzangs,which he spent all by himself...which makes his fellow ulzzang field into envious..

he stated: "when i first entered a business,it is not that easy,since i have no lots of money, i first earned and debit in a bank..its hard for me to handle,but when I'm used to it  i really fit the money into credentials,since i entered high school i opened my mind into business world,i can say I'm a business minded person,i like business related stuff and others! so i decided to ran a business all by myself and also with the help of the people around me" 

4TH: Jung Kyu Oh  (21)

An Ulzzang flower boy,not with his good looking face! but also he has it all,an Australian boy (Who born i Australia) and grew in Korea,show his business skills ability,as he ran by the company Reborn-i (i-reborn)himself a clothing line shop and an restaurant (business partner his dad)...the 1/4 Australian guy,whose currently studying at Busan University,earning 320,000 dollars per month overall on his clothing line and restaurant, a young CEO himself, as a distributed partnership of Dandy Style (which main branch is new york) so overall this guys earning a lot..beside his personal earned.

he stated:" being in a world of business is not that easy,they say its cool..but its so tiring yet enjoyable, due to work and study stuff being combined together as my daily routine is so tiring,often if i wanted to finished my work i often sleep in my work place,running a business and owning its just  lucky enough that i continue the work left by my uncle,whose in Australia and transferred to me the owning and handling of the company,as he trusted my ability and work,that's why wanted to work harder in order to achieve well.."

(note: all of the earnings above,been classified only on their overall earnings..taxes to be lessen and investments are into it..so not know how muc they earned personally)

can you believe it??how can this young guys earned so much money? its business...this guys lived in amazing life as a young CEO's and a young business man!!

THE company who knows this stated: "its so much impressing how this young guys,show their capabilities in business,even though not as much as they earned so much like big company's how they've earned and investing on their own.."

credit: daum

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